Welcome, from Asbestos Audits International (AAI) FRANCHISE. This website will introduce you to the value in starting an AAI FRANCHISE business. We are recognised for being industry leaders with many years experience in the asbestos industry and a ground-breaking business plan.

Thank you for expressing your interest in an AAI FRANCHISE. Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to capitalize on an ever-evolving sector! We are excited about your chance to turn your small business into a noteworthy leader.

The founder of AAI FRANCHISE, Donald Pitt, has worked in the field of Asbestos for nearly 40 years, even authoring 2 books on the subject himself. There is simply no qualified individual who can match Mr. Pitt’s expertise, which is the reason AAI FRANCHISE has been leading the way in Asbestos Auditing for years.

As experts of asbestos auditing and management, AAI Franchise has worked with the largest names throughout Australia including Queensland Ports Corporation, Mater Hospitals, Hungry Jacks and Caltex amongst others.

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